• Dawn Anderson

Managing the lockdown lows

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Being away and apart from all that we know can have devastating effects on mental health, especially if the routine is disturbed for long periods of time. Right now we're in testing times, with many of us not being able to see out loved ones, having to work from home (or not at all), and unable to hang out with friends while having to purposely avoid physical contact with others. If you find that you are struggling with low feelings, or increased anxiety, the following tips will help to give you back some control and peace of mind:

1) Think of yourself as being in a position to work on yourself or the home, rather than that you are 'stuck inside'

2) Stay as close to your normal daily routine as possible

3) Don't watch or read too much about the Coronavirus or obsess over media courage

4) Keep your living space organised and clutter-free

5) Use online therapy or counselling services if things are getting too much

6) Start a new quarantine hobby or regime

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